How-To Buy Guide

Here at DeedCoin, we understand not everyone is familiar in this new tech-space.
We want to make the process simple for new users!
Follow the steps to create a new etherium wallet
to start saving with DeedCoin!

Click the link to go to the MyEtherWallet webpage -
Visit to purchase Ethereum or other accepted cryptocurrency - Gemini Exchange.

STEP 1 Generate a wallet and create a password. Be sure to save this password in a smart place!
STEP 2 Download the keyfile, keep it private, and store it safely. This file is used to sign into your MyEtherWallet account. This file controls access to your tokens, do NOT reveal this file or password! This same keyfile can be used with other Etherium wallets.
STEP 3 After downloading the keyfile, you can print a copy of the key. Be sure to keep paper back-ups in a safe place.
STEP 4 To sign into your MyEtherWallet, click the "Send Ether & Tokens" tab. You will need to provide the same authentication information you previously selected.
STEP 5 Transfer ETH from your exchange account to your MyEtherWallet address. The address listed midway down on the right side of the screen is the account number to which you will need to transfer funds. Transactions complete fairly quickly. If the ETH balance does not automatically update, refresh your web browser and sign into your wallet again. The new balance should now show.