General Questions

  • I live in Florida where the Seller pays all of the fees for both agents, how can both buyer and seller use Deedcoin?
  • Deedcoin will always allow first the person paying the fees to to use their Deedcoin, then other parties. Meaning in this situation a Seller can use up to 50 Deedcoin if the buyer is a Deedcoin user, 25 otherwise.

    A buyer using Deedcoin in Florida can redeem his Deedcoin for a closing credit of up to 2% of the property value AS LONG AS the seller is not using Deedcoin. This is due to the seller traditionally paying the Fees in Florida so he gets first right to use his Deedcoin in a transaction. Remember, as a buyer in Florida you typically don’t have any commission costs.

  • Can I use less than 50 Deedcoin on a real estate transaction?
  • Yes, you can use any smaller amount of deedcoin to facilitate a transaction with less savings.

  • Can I still pick my real estate agent?
  • Deedcoin will provide you several agents in your area to choose from. If you already have a real estate agent that you use outside of Deedcoin, ask them if they know the benefits of being a Deedcoin agent. If they join the network you will be able to use them.

  • Can I pay my real estate commissions entirely in Deedcoin?
  • No, Deedcoin operates on 1% of your real estate commissions. You can use Deedcoin up to 5%. That 1% in left in commission is used to cover operational expenses of the network.

Platform Specific Questions

  • What is the Deedcoin network?
  • Deedcoin network forms the framework for decentralized real estate transactions but the Deedcoin users will determine the rate. Should the value of a Deedcoin grow to a point that Deedcoin is only cost effective to a high value user, Deedcoin has an algorithm designed to increase the useable value of all Deedcoin while protecting the value to its current users. The Deedcoin Network is the next generation of real estate. Licensed in all operating areas, it will act within the governance and guidelines of local real estate licensing organizations. The Deedcoin network of agents and brokers will provide premium real estate services such as buying and selling of property. Operating with a streamlined system, Deedcoin Network can reach more areas at a higher level of service than standard real estate brokerages with a lower operational cost.

  • Where can I see the code of the smart contract?

  • What is the difference between Deedcoin and other real estate platforms?
  • Deedcoin is built on the basis of crypto currency using Ethereum-based smart contracts. This allows it to remove self serving commission rates set by real estate brokers and replace them with a decentralized free market system where the consumers decide the value of real estate services.


  • Why should agents join the Deedcoin network?
  • Agents have a hard enough time in the regular market. They wander around neighborhoods knocking on doors and cold calling to find clients. They have few to no deals and have to struggle for every customer lead. This is why they have to charge so much per customer. Deedcoin connects agents and customers through the network, allowing them to stop spending marketing dollars and days walking in the sun. With Deedcoin, their time is spent actually helping customers through real estate transactions.

  • Why should buyers use Deedcoin?
  • The Deedcoin network creates an opportunity for buyers to receive rebates at closing when buying any property listed by the seller with a conventional agent. Sellers that do not use Deedcoin yet are paying their agents high commissions. With Deedcoin, a property buyer can convert these commissions into closing cost rebates, saving the buyer up to 2% of the price of the property. Because each Deedcoin equals 0.1% of commission, only 20 Deedcoin would be required to get the maximum rebate on an average home listing.

  • Why should sellers use Deedcoin to sell their home?
  • This network will always be a lower cost option, saving $1,000’s while providing the same local support as the current market. Deedcoin agents will provide a higher level of service than standard agents. They hold the same license and will only be allowed to participate in the network if they are experienced and effective. The Deedcoin network will always oversee their performance. Deedcoin runs on 1% instead of the current 5% or 6%. With this new model, property sellers can now keep 99% of the funds from the sale of a home instead of 94%.


  • I did not receive my confirmation email!
  • Sometimes it happens that emails, for different reasons, can take a long time, or not come at all. If this happens, please check the spam folder and be sure to notify us at [email protected]