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Deedcoin customers use DEED to decide what to pay in commission costs when purchasing or selling a home, lowering the traditional 6% fee to 1%.

Over 7000 Deedcoin holders
Over 11,000 Deedcoin transfers
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usable in over 180 cities and all 50 states.

By simplifying the transaction process and streamlining real estate to run on 1%, DEED users are able to decide their future commission costs based on the free market price of DEED.

Patent pending (App. No. 62/552,038)

Platform LIVE at for token purchase)



Save 5% in commission when selling a home



Get 2% of the price of the home you are purchasing, back as a rebate

"I bought 50 DEED to lower the commission 5% when I sold my $250,000 home, I saved $12,500 total by using Deedcoin!"

  -Deedcoin Customer

"I used 20 DEED, purchased at $1.50 per token, for $30, and received a rebate worth $3780.00 at closing. Or roughly, 126X what I paid for the Deedcoin."

  -George Moran. Palm Bay, FL

"I sold my house with Deedcoin. Deedcoin saved me $39,000 on the sale of my $780,000 house. I'm never using a regular agent again. Never ever."

  -Andris Martinez. Newport, NJ

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Brought to you by a team of

Licensed Real Estate Agents
Blockchain Experts
Successful Business Owners

Matt Herrick


Charles Wismer


Thomas Spangler




  • 2017

    Jun - Aug
    Idea Creation, Trademarks, Patent Application, Website Design

    Sep - Dec
    Token Prep, Website Production, Blockchain Development, Whitepaper, Broker Onboarding, Audit, Legal, Testing

  • 2018

    Jan - Apr
    Usable Network, Smart contract live, Presale open, Platform enhancement, Sale phase begins, Establish Headquarters, Hiring tech teams

    May - Dec
    Training of transaction coordinators, Cloud based transaction software implemented, National broker cloud training, Final testing of all new systems, Enhanced systems network completed, All token sales conclude

  • 2019→

    International network expansion to five high-commission countries, Launch of Generation 3 Blockchain MLS

2017 Jun-Aug
2017 Sep-Dec
2018 Jan-Apr
2018 May-Dec
Training of transaction coordinators, Cloud based transaction software implemented, National broker cloud training, Final testing of all new systems, Enhanced systems network completed, All token sales conclude
2018 May-Dec


"Matthew Herrick of Deedcoin says regardless if it's real estate, lending or insurance, the traditional means of advertising and marketing are being phased out by more organic means of customer acquisition..."
"Deedcoin's distributed architecture gives power back to homeowners and buyers by tokenizing the process and eliminating any middlemen, barring direct interactions between..."
-INC Magazine
"Deedcoin agents can spend the majority of their time and resources closing deals rather than competing for clients. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) dominates the U.S. real estate world, and similar..."
-Yahoo News


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Thomas is a blockchain and crypto enthusiast. Designer and architect of the world's first ICO sales platform that integrates credit card merchant processing and real SAFT token air-drop for investors. Thomas is a fullstack programmer and developer with deep knowledge of system integration, web content, and platform security.



Charles is a Co-Founder at Deedcoin and designed the token dynamics capable of revolutionizing the real estate industry. Before Deedcoin, he has flipped over 30 distressed properties, provided real estate consulting services to investors as an in-house specialist, and founded and sold a successful telecom sales firm by updating outdated business models with technology.



Matthew is one of the Co-Founders of Deedcoin. Establishing a 50 State network of real estate brokers, Matt was key in the creation of a nationwide blockchain customer solution for the cost of real estate services. Before Deedcoin, Matthew was the team lead for sales in resort properties for a major firm and founder of Momentum Realty, an investment real estate brokerage bringing investment real estate options to the public.

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