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Deedcoin customers use DEED token to lower their commissions by hiring agents for 1% throughout the Deed network.

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"Matthew Herrick of Deedcoin says regardless if it's real estate, lending or insurance, the traditional means of advertising and marketing are being phased out by more organic means of customer acquisition..."
"Deedcoin's distributed architecture gives power back to homeowners and buyers by tokenizing the process and eliminating any middlemen, barring direct interactions between..."
-INC Magazine
"Deedcoin agents can spend the majority of their time and resources closing deals rather than competing for clients. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) dominates the U.S. real estate world, and similar..."
-Yahoo News



Save 5% in commission when selling a home using a Deed network broker



Get 2% of the price of the home you are purchasing, back as a rebate when using a Deed network broker

"I used 20 DEED, purchased at $1.50 per token, for $30, and received a rebate worth $3780.00 at closing. Or roughly, 126X what I paid for the Deedcoin."

  -George Moran. Palm Bay, FL

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